September means back to school for many but imagine if you lived in a world of magic. Would your favorite class be Potions? Maybe Charms? How about Herbology?

I have created three different Witch School fabric patterns for my spoonflower shop.

And I have some products for sale with the designs on society6 and redbubble.

I have also added Witch School Clip Art sets to my creativemarket shop and my teacherspayteachers shop (for use in educational end products or personal use).

I sat down to make some background patterns with acorns and mushrooms and snails and other forest-y things and the project morphed into a set of illustrations of Oak Leaves and Acorns of the Midwest. The list-making part of my mind is always arguing with the scribbly part of my mind and the list-maker won this round.

I have added the Midwest Oak Leaves and Acorns clip art to my creativemarket shop and my teacherspayteachers shop.

I have created merchandise with green and autumn oak leaf medallion illustrations and patterns on society6.

I also have fabric with the autumn pattern and the green pattern for sale now on spoonflower.

pumpkin patch fabric
Bright orange pumpkins are offset by a green field of wending pumpkin vines.

Lastly, I updated my pumpkin illustration with a green background of simple vines and leaves and added the pattern to my spoonflower fabric shop.