Spooky FontSquirrel Typefaces!

Yesterday, I posted some free spooky fun typefaces I found on google and today I’m following up with some great ones free from fontsquirrel. These are handy if you are on a budget and making creepy resources for kids and are looking for fonts. I looked for fonts that are readable but have lots of personality. I like fontsquirrel because, like google fonts, they are vetted and trustworthy.

Free Halloween fonts from fontsquirrel | 13sparrows. If you are making spooky resources for kids, I've found some more great free fonts!
Use these fun, free, spooky fonts for Halloween projects for kids. Download them on fonts.google.com.

Green Fuz | Metamorphous | Firecat
| Headhunter | Shlop | Immortal
| New Rocker | Plasma Drip | Gothic Ultra | Bearpaw

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