Rutherford-Bohr Models

A photograph of a student holding a model of a molecule in a science classroom. Superimposed on the image is an illustration of a Rutherford-Bohr style drawing of a chlorine atom.

Drawing atoms from the periodic table isn’t too hard, but it is pretty time-consuming. So take advantage of my handiwork with these diagrams of the first 20 elements in the periodic table. I’ve drawn them in three different styles: OutlineSolid Black, and Valence Shell. Or grab the Bundle for all three.

Each of the style sets contains 3 sets of 20 images in black and white. One set has the atom’s symbol on the nucleus, the second has the number of protons and neutrons, and the third has an unlabeled nucleus. There are also several blank models for explaining processes and for worksheets, with full electron shells and with empty shells. Each individual set has 76 files; the bundle has 212 files in total.

The font used in this set is Alegreya Bold, a free font by Juan Pablo del Peral, in case you would like to use it in your project.

Make some Earth Day resources

Photograph of a glass wide-mouth pint jar sitting on a window sill holds the chopped end of a head of romaine lettuce sitting in water. Small lettuce leaves have begun to grow from the middle of the lettuce surface.

Get your students excited for Earth Day on April 22nd with some clip art of real-world activities perfect for your practical science resources!

Grab a sweet potato, some toothpicks, and a jar and grow a pretty vine; make a butterfly water dish with a shallow bowl and some pebbles; or lash a forked branch and a stick together with twine to make room for a garden spider’s web.

Regrow Vegetables Clip Art, DIY Wildlife Feeders Clip Art, and DIY Wildlife Houses Clip Art all available in my shop.


Baking Clip Art, Set 1

A photograph of a kitchen workspace with a bowl full of batter and a wooden mixing spoon, some measuring cups and an egg. On top of the photo is a clip art illustration of a stick of butter. 13sparrows

I’ve added a new set of “cooking with kids” themed clip art to my TPT shop, Baking Clip Art, Set 1. Featuring a few dairy ingredients and some basic kitchen accessories, this clip art set can get you started with your cooking-themed resources.


Springtime birds clip art

Photograph of a bold American restart, a black bird with orange accents on the wing and tail, and a white underbelly. The bird is sitting in a leafless cluster of branches with leaf buds at the tips. Illustration of an Amercian redstart sits on top of the photo.

In springtime, many beautiful birds return from their winter migrations to their breeding grounds in the eastern United States. My Spring Birds Clip Art sets include birds that are fairly common throughout the range, such as an American robin, eastern bluebird, ruby-throated hummingbird, and a field sparrow.

These cute but realistic bird images can help you and your students explore the seasons, animal habits and habitats (including a checklist for nature walks), and adaptations like beaks and plumage colors.