HACG Logo + Plant Sale Materials

A good friend manages a community garden in her neighborhood and needed a flyer for their upcoming spring plant sale. Since they didn’t have a logo, I thought it might be nice to create something simple, happy, fun, and colorful without being too simplistic.

The flyer is bold, bright and eye-catching to grab attention and spark interest. I had just completed a set of clip art illustrations of garden vegetables, so I used the line drawings to create a coloring page give-away for the kids’ activity table!

HACG logo portfolio image

If you are on the far north side of Chicago mid-May, stop by and buy a few organic garden plants in support of a good cause!

April TPT group freebie clip art

It’s time for the TPT Clip Artists Collaboration April freebies. The theme this month is Summer! I’m giving away a ‘summer’ banner as a sample from my Summer Camp Clip Art series.

In the freebie product description are links to all the other participating sellers’ products. Collect them all and follow for future sets!

Collect all the freebies from all the artists!

DIY Wildlife Feeders + Homes Clip Art, Companion Resources

While researching my new clip art sets, DIY Wildlife Feeders Clip Art and DIY Wildlife Houses, I consulted a few books and websites. Here are a some that I would recommend to help you with your own similar projects. (Note that the books are Amazon affiliate links.)

Wildlife Gardening A DK book by Martyn Cox from 2009; hardcover 80 pp SLJ (School Library Journal) grades 3-6. This book has a lot of projects reasonably within reach of kids, though most with adult help. All the projects seem to have real, practical use in the garden or for STEM explorations. Because it is British, you will want to swap out plants native to your area for their native recommendations.

Kids’ Easy to Create Wildlife Habitats by Emily Stetson, illustrations by J. Susan Cole Stone from 2004; paperback 128 pp SLJ grades 2-5. Filled with information about backyard wildlife and habitats, including modern problems they face, this book also offers many useful, practical projects for making wildlife-friendly spaces.

The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener by Tammi Hartung, illustrations by Holly Ward Bimbo from 2013; paperback 144 pp. A book aimed at adults and filled with charming illustrations on every page. Offers ways to encourage wildlife in a peaceful coexistence with your garden. Includes ideas for feeders and shelters.

The website daviddomoney.com offers a free, downloadable PDF guide to making an insect hotel that appeals to a variety of bugs, plus projects to make shelters for solitary bees, lacewings, or ladybugs.

The greatstems.com blog has a nice collection of wildlife projects for kids, including feeders and shelters.

There is good information on bumblebees and their nesting habitats at bumblebeeconservation.org.

My Pinterest board Kid’s Gardening has many other links to related projects.

Garden Vegetables

Spring is warming up the ground and it’s time to think about your garden!

Recent additions to my teacherspayteachers store include a few sets of garden vegetables.

Another project I’m working on is for the spring plant sale for a community garden which is a fun project!


I have been working on sets of illustrations inspired by a Facebook conversation where I asked the question, “If, for some reason, you could only teach your child to cook five or six things really well, what would they be?” The answers attempted to assemble versatile recipes which could act as building blocks, covering as many of the basic techniques of cooking and baking as possible.

I answered with “no-knead bread, because it’s easy and really good; pasta with variations, because it’s versatile and cheap if you’re broke; and roast chicken, because it’s pretty cheap, easy, and can be served as a fancy dinner or for several meals,” and I think I’d add a quick bread or cookies, and soup.

I have completed two sets of illustrations for this Cooking with Children series, Cooking Minestrone and Baking Popovers. I may add a Baking Quick Bread set eventually since popovers are not as versatile but my daughter loves them and has been baking them since she was very young.

These illustrations are available as clip-art sets in my creativemarket shop and my tpt shop. I also have merchandise available on society6 and redbubble, and six Cooking School fabric designs on spoonflower. Eventually, I’d like to create a set of kitchen towels with the basic steps of the recipes that can be used as a guide by kids who are learning how to cook.

I am excited to have a couple of pages in the ebook of new clip-art shops on teacherspayteachers, highlighting tpt stores like mine that have only been open since the start of 2016 or more recently, and which primarily sell clip art. It was generously put together by the artist behind Bell Ink Designs.

I’ve been working, too, on a new logo. My old logo showed a song sparrow with 13 dots overhead and didn’t incorporate my business name. My redesigned logo features my business name prominently surrounded by a silhouetted flock of 13 sparrows. The background color is dark blue and can be changed to match the usage. It also works in a square variation, too.

Another big change I’ve made has been the creation of a unifying color palette for my teacherspayteachers clip art. Previously, I did have a color palette I used in all the tpt work but it was limited and muted. The new palette is more intense, while still reflecting my personality. My clip art on tpt stands out from much of the other work there in its simplicity.

The logo redesign and the color palette change gives me the opportunity to update my thumbnail previews on tpt, too, creating a cleaner look. As I update each set, starting with the Witch School Clip Art, I am adding preview files to give a better view before purchasing, plus index files for customer records.


September means back to school for many but imagine if you lived in a world of magic. Would your favorite class be Potions? Maybe Charms? How about Herbology?

I have created three different Witch School fabric patterns for my spoonflower shop.

And I have some products for sale with the designs on society6 and redbubble.

I have also added Witch School Clip Art sets to my creativemarket shop and my teacherspayteachers shop (for use in educational end products or personal use).

I sat down to make some background patterns with acorns and mushrooms and snails and other forest-y things and the project morphed into a set of illustrations of Oak Leaves and Acorns of the Midwest. The list-making part of my mind is always arguing with the scribbly part of my mind and the list-maker won this round.

I have added the Midwest Oak Leaves and Acorns clip art to my creativemarket shop and my teacherspayteachers shop.

I have created merchandise with green and autumn oak leaf medallion illustrations and patterns on society6.

I also have fabric with the autumn pattern and the green pattern for sale now on spoonflower.

pumpkin patch fabric
Bright orange pumpkins are offset by a green field of wending pumpkin vines.

Lastly, I updated my pumpkin illustration with a green background of simple vines and leaves and added the pattern to my spoonflower fabric shop.


I received the samples of the Al Be C 123 fabric I ordered and they look very nice. No need for changes this time and now they are for sale on spoonflower. I also discovered spoonflower’s partner site, sproutpatterns, where you can order patterns laid out on any spoonflower fabric you like. I think the Oxford blue colorway looks quite smart as a dress.

Recently, I opened a store on creativemarket, a market place for digital design assets such as typefaces, illustrations, and website themes. It seems like a friendly community with a high standard for the goods sold there. I have two products up for sale to start.

I was looking for a homeschool planning calendar for myself but I was having trouble finding one that balanced the no-frills kind of information layout I like with pretty embellishments. I started laying out a few pages for myself when I realized I have the rights to some clip-art that I could use so I designed a whole set. It came out quite nicely and I have made it available on teacherspayteachers. If you are a homeschooler, more specifically an unschooler, and don’t need attendance trackers, grading reports, or assignment trackers you might like to take a look.

undated unschooling planner
This simple, secular, undated planner features lovely artwork and a clean layout to help you organize your days and keep track of all the things you want to help your family accomplish.