SEI Infographic Portfolio Update

I recently created this proposal for a potential client. The job didn’t work out, but the subject matter is interesting and I’m happy with the design.

An infographic on the benefits of high social and emotional intelligence.
An infographic on the benefits of high social and emotional intelligence.

Throwback Thursday, Aucassin and Nicolette

A peek in the archives at some of my older work.

Aucassin and Nicolette is a medieval French story of the adventures of two people in love but kept apart by their parents.

Scavenger Hunt Product on TPT

One of my first products on TPT was this series of scavenger hunts. I made little scavenger hunts for my daughter many times when she was younger. I have fond memories of following behind her while she strode through the neighborhood with a pencil, her list, and a bag strapped ’round her (you can never know what you’ll find and need to bring home) full of confidence and adventure. I wanted to share that sense of fun with everyone. Simple Photo Scavenger Hunts.

Delaware Wildlife Infographic, Portfolio Update

I love to visit the parks, ponds, and natural areas of southern Delaware when I’m there visiting family. I also enjoy researching local native plants and animals; it’s an interesting climate. I thought I should put my love of exploring the area to good use making some more current pieces to fill out my portfolio and practice some of the more interesting features of design software, such as making graphs in Adobe Illustrator, by creating this infographic on Delaware wildlife and public lands.

wild delaware infographic
An infographic illustrating statistical facts about the land, the animals, and the plants of Delaware.

July TPT Freebie, Check Out Our Past Freebies

Summer has been keeping all of the artists busy! Unfortunately, the TPT Clip Artists’ Collaboration isn’t able to bring you a new set of freebies for July, but you make sure you have downloaded all of past freebies!

Shown: Spring, ABC Coloring Pages, and Artists’ Choice. Check out the product descriptions for links to all the other participating sellers’ products!

Check out all my freebies on TPT!

Miss Jennifer Ward has collected all the #tptclipartistscollab freebies in a Pinterest board. Take a look!

Visiting Sussex Portfolio Update

While visiting family in Sussex County, Delaware, I attended an auction. Some of it was indoors where furniture and housewares were displayed, and china laid out on tables for viewing. There were folding chairs to sit on and an auctioneer at a podium on a stage. Outside there were more things being auctioned off: farm implements, garden tools, and mixed up boxes of things you might find in a basement. Among all the treasures, I saw a book, Visiting Sussex: Even If You Live Here. It’s a charming little small press project, obviously made with love by local historians with a lot to share about the area’s history.

Since I wished to add a piece to my portfolio using Adobe InDesign, to help in my job search, I made scans of the pages of Visiting Sussex and redesigned it using the Book feature. My own labor of love.

visiting sussex mockup
As a portfolio piece and to practice using InDesign’s book feature, I redesigned this small press book put together by local historians for the American Bicentennial celebration.