New Product: Knife skills

I repackaged my Cooking Minestrone set on TPT as a Knife Skills clip art set to make it a little more universal. It makes a nice companion to the Kitchen Measuring clip art set!


Cooking Minestrone and Baking Popovers are still available in my creative market shop, for use in a Montessori setting, or for making recipe cards for cooking at home.


New Products: Winter Holidays

I recently completed the third set of drawings, Swedish Jul, for my Winter Holidays series and set them up in my TPT store. They are a lot of fun to research! They join the clip art sets for Japanese New Year and Irish Christmas. These clip art sets come with a brief overview of the objects and how they are used during the celebrations.

They are also available in my creative market store as vector clip art.

Cooking with Kids

I have been working on sets of illustrations inspired by a Facebook conversation where I asked the question, “If, for some reason, you could only teach your child to cook five or six things really well, what would they be?” The answers attempted to assemble versatile recipes which could act as building blocks, covering as many of the basic techniques of cooking and baking as possible.

I answered with “no-knead bread, because it’s easy and really good; pasta with variations, because it’s versatile and cheap if you’re broke; and roast chicken, because it’s pretty cheap, easy, and can be served as a fancy dinner or for several meals,” and I think I’d add a quick bread or cookies, and soup.

I have completed two sets of illustrations for this Cooking with Children series, Cooking Minestrone and Baking Popoversavailable in my creativemarket shop. I may add a Baking Quick Bread set eventually since popovers are not as versatile but my daughter loves them and has been baking them since she was very young.

These illustrations are available as clip-art sets in my tpt shop [edit – I have replaced these with Knife Skills and Kitchen Measuring sets, the originals are still available by special request].

I also have cooking-themed merchandise available on redbubble.

And I have six Cooking School fabric designs on spoonflower. Eventually, I’d like to create a set of kitchen towels with the basic steps of the recipes that can be used as a guide by kids who are learning how to cook.



New Products: Witch School

September means back to school for many but imagine if you lived in a world of magic. Would your favorite class be Potions? Maybe Charms? How about Herbology?

I have created three different Witch School fabric patterns for my spoonflower shop.

And I have some products for sale with the designs on redbubble.

I have also added Witch School Clip Art sets to my creativemarket shop and my teacherspayteachers shop (for use in educational end products or personal use).

New Products: Oak Leaves and Acorns

I sat down to make some background patterns with acorns and mushrooms and snails and other forest-y things and the project morphed into a set of illustrations of Oak Leaves and Acorns of the Midwest. The list-making part of my mind is always arguing with the scribbly part of my mind and the list-maker won this round.

I have added the Midwest Oak Leaves and Acorns clip art to my creativemarket shop and my teacherspayteachers shop.

I also have fabric with the autumn pattern and the green pattern for sale now on spoonflower.