Scavenger Hunt Product on TPT

One of my first products on TPT was this series of scavenger hunts. I made little scavenger hunts for my daughter many times when she was younger. I have fond memories of following behind her while she strode through the neighborhood with a pencil, her list, and a bag strapped ’round her (you can never know what you’ll find and need to bring home) full of confidence and adventure. I wanted to share that sense of fun with everyone. Simple Photo Scavenger Hunts.

July TPT Freebie, Check Out Our Past Freebies

Summer has been keeping all of the artists busy! Unfortunately, the TPT Clip Artists’ Collaboration isn’t able to bring you a new set of freebies for July, but you make sure you have downloaded all of past freebies!

Shown: Spring, ABC Coloring Pages, and Artists’ Choice. Check out the product descriptions for links to all the other participating sellers’ products!

Check out all my freebies on TPT!

Miss Jennifer Ward has collected all the #tptclipartistscollab freebies in a Pinterest board. Take a look!

Special TPT Freebie: Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages

Introducing a special TPT Clip Artists Collaboration! We have created an amazing Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages collection! Featuring an animal for every letter from A to Z, I’m giving away the N is for Newt page which serves as a companion to my Common Salamanders Clip Art set. Please note, the coloring pages are not for clip art usage.

In the freebie product description are links to all the other participating sellers’ coloring pages. Collect them all for the whole alphabet, and follow for future sets!


Pet Shop

When my daughter was younger, we drew a set of pet shop supplies for our pets (a hedgehog and a rabbit). I scanned them and made a quick freebie out of them on teacherspayteachers. It was downloaded more than a dozen times the first couple of days which is pretty good!

My young daughter and I drew these together to set up a play pet store for our two pets of the time: a rabbit and a hedgehog.

[ed: updated the image to the newer cover.]