Third Annual Organic Plant Sale

Tomorrow is the Third Annual Organic Plant Sale put on by my friends at the Howard Area Community Garden. Each year they grow their own vegetable seedlings in a beautiful greenhouse space loaned to them by DePaul University and sell the plants to raise funds for the garden. They serve a wonderful community of gardeners in Rogers Park on the north side of Chicago.

Last year I made a fun little adaptable logo set for them and created some flyers and other materials for their plant sale. I have followed that up with another set of promotional materials for this year’s sale, this time featuring really cute and colorful vegetable illustrations I found on creativemarket in Moonery’s shop.

I created some flyers to post up in the neighborhood, both in color and ink-saving black-and-white as well as paper-saving half-letter sized flyers. I added a few social media image to use on Instagram and Facebook so they can get the word out. It’s a worthy cause and a fun project to volunteer on!

Regrow Vegetables Clip Art, Set 2

New in my TPT shop, Regrowing Vegetables Clip Art, Set 2! A companion to my previous set, this collection includes more garden plants you can regrow from kitchen scraps.

The set features carrots, celery, lemongrass, turnips, ginger, and an onion all growing in ordinary dishes and things you probably have in your kitchen. A nice addition to your clip library for Earth Day, DIY, and gardening-themed resources.

All the items are in scale with the clips from Regrowing Vegetables, Set 1, so you can mix and match as you need. And all of my Mockup-Style clips are on the same perspective plane so you can use them to make little scenes. [edit – I have closed my TPT shop. Please visit my creative market shop for clip art sets.]

Gardening with Kids

Want some nifty ideas for gardening with kids? Check out my pinterest board! I’ve looked for real-world, practical ideas for kids to make your garden a fun space!

Something that’s pretty important to me on my pins: I check all the links and read all the books, I don’t just repin without viewing the source.

Time for gardening clip art

Have your students been planting seedlings for the school garden? Get them excited for the harvest with some cheerful garden vegetables clip art to use in your resources!

Most of the basics are covered in these sets, including staples from the Southern garden! [edit – I have closed my TPT shop. Please visit my creative market shop for clip art sets.]

Make some Earth Day resources

Get your students excited for Earth Day on April 22nd with some clip art of real-world activities perfect for your practical science resources!

Grab a sweet potato, some toothpicks, and a jar and grow a pretty vine; make a butterfly water dish with a shallow bowl and some pebbles; or lash a forked branch and a stick together with twine to make room for a garden spider’s web.

Regrow Vegetables Clip Art, DIY Wildlife Feeders Clip Art, and DIY Wildlife Houses Clip Art all available in my shop. [edit – I have closed my TPT shop. Please visit my creative market shop for clip art sets.]


July TPT Freebie, Check Out Our Past Freebies

Summer has been keeping all of the artists busy! Unfortunately, the TPT Clip Artists’ Collaboration isn’t able to bring you a new set of freebies for July, but you make sure you have downloaded all of past freebies!

Shown: Spring, ABC Coloring Pages, and Artists’ Choice. Check out the product descriptions for links to all the other participating sellers’ products!

Check out all my freebies on TPT! [edit – I have closed my TPT shop. Please visit my creative market shop for clip art sets.]

Miss Jennifer Ward has collected all the #tptclipartistscollab freebies in a Pinterest board. Take a look!

HACG Logo + Plant Sale Materials

A good friend manages a community garden in her neighborhood and needed a flyer for their upcoming spring plant sale. Since they didn’t have a logo, I thought it might be nice to create something simple, happy, fun, and colorful without being too simplistic.

The flyer is bold, bright and eye-catching to grab attention and spark interest. I had just completed a set of clip art illustrations of garden vegetables, so I used the line drawings to create a coloring page give-away for the kids’ activity table!

HACG logo portfolio image

If you are on the far north side of Chicago mid-May, stop by and buy a few organic garden plants in support of a good cause!

DIY Wildlife Feeders + Homes Projects

While researching my new clip art sets, DIY Wildlife Feeders Clip Art and DIY Wildlife Houses, I consulted a few books and websites. Here are a some that I would recommend to help you with your own similar projects. (Note that the books are Amazon affiliate links.)

Wildlife Gardening A DK book by Martyn Cox from 2009; hardcover 80 pp SLJ (School Library Journal) grades 3-6. This book has a lot of projects reasonably within reach of kids, though most with adult help. All the projects seem to have real, practical use in the garden or for STEM explorations. Because it is British, you will want to swap out plants native to your area for their native recommendations.

Kids’ Easy to Create Wildlife Habitats by Emily Stetson, illustrations by J. Susan Cole Stone from 2004; paperback 128 pp SLJ grades 2-5. Filled with information about backyard wildlife and habitats, including modern problems they face, this book also offers many useful, practical projects for making wildlife-friendly spaces.

The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener by Tammi Hartung, illustrations by Holly Ward Bimbo from 2013; paperback 144 pp. A book aimed at adults and filled with charming illustrations on every page. Offers ways to encourage wildlife in a peaceful coexistence with your garden. Includes ideas for feeders and shelters.

The website offers a free, downloadable PDF guide to making an insect hotel that appeals to a variety of bugs, plus projects to make shelters for solitary bees, lacewings, or ladybugs.

The blog has a nice collection of wildlife projects for kids, including feeders and shelters.

There is good information on bumblebees and their nesting habitats at

My Pinterest board, Kid’s Gardening, has many other links to related projects.

New Products: Garden Vegetables

Spring is warming up the ground and it’s time to think about your garden!

Recent additions to my teacherspayteachers store include a few sets of garden vegetables. [edit – I have closed my TPT shop. Please visit my creative market shop for clip art sets.]

Another project I’m working on is for the spring plant sale for a community garden which is a fun project!