Delaware Wildlife Infographic, Portfolio Update

I love to visit the parks, ponds, and natural areas of southern Delaware when I’m there visiting family. I also enjoy researching local native plants and animals; it’s an interesting climate. I thought I should put my love of exploring the area to good use making some more current pieces to fill out my portfolio and practice some of the more interesting features of design software, such as making graphs in Adobe Illustrator, by creating this infographic on Delaware wildlife and public lands.

wild delaware infographic
An infographic illustrating statistical facts about the land, the animals, and the plants of Delaware.

Visiting Sussex, Portfolio Update

While visiting family in Sussex County, Delaware, I attended an auction. Some of it was indoors where furniture and housewares were displayed, and china laid out on tables for viewing. There were folding chairs to sit on and an auctioneer at a podium on a stage. Outside there were more things being auctioned off: farm implements, garden tools, and mixed up boxes of things you might find in a basement. Among all the treasures, I saw a book, Visiting Sussex: Even If You Live Here. It’s a charming little small press project, obviously made with love by local historians with a lot to share about the area’s history.

Since I wished to add a piece to my portfolio using Adobe InDesign, to help in my job search, I made scans of the pages of Visiting Sussex and redesigned it using the Book feature. My own labor of love.

visiting sussex mockup
As a portfolio piece and to practice using InDesign’s book feature, I redesigned this small press book put together by local historians for the American Bicentennial celebration.

Trap Pond Brochure, Portfolio Update

Due to some changes in my life, I am looking for a design and/or production job so I have been updating my portfolio. I thought I could highlight some of my production skills with a tri-fold brochure. Looking around for a subject, I came across a little home-printed brochure I picked up at Trap Pond State Park during one of my visits there. I re-entered all the text and built a nice file for it.

trap pond state park trifold
As an exercise, I updated a homemade flyer into a clear and professional brochure.