Recently Read: The House Witch by Delemhach

The book over illustration showing a hearth with a pot on the fire surrounded by drying herbs and onions, and a fluffy black cat sitting to the side.

The House Witch, book 1 of 3 from The House Witch series, by Delemhach.

A heartwarming and humorous blend of fantasy, romance, and mystery featuring a witch with domestic powers and the royal household he serves… dinner.

I think this book is for: anyone who enjoys a long, deep swim in a medieval world with modern sensibilities, centered on hearth, home, and found family.

memorable: the main character facing angry or rude characters with compassion.

confusing or jarring: the main character is a gifted cook but only others react to the results, he isn’t shown enjoying creating food with his senses; a lot of the humor for me didn’t feel natural, especially the main character constantly insisting he isn’t gay.

content warning: swearing, childhood trauma, alcoholism, dangerous drinking game, sexual harassment (with redemption).