Enesco Gift B2B Jim Shore Catalog

Featuring Jim Shore’s signature styles as well as an array of co-brands such as Disney, Peanuts, and DC Comics, Jim Shore’s giftware catalog for Enesco LLC showcases his popular figurines and giftware.

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Using a template developed for all of the Enesco January catalogs, I worked with the project manager and product managers on the design and layout, pulling in text and building tables. I also worked with the project manager and the photographer on beauty shots for the 180 page catalog.

Watch spring approach with this ruby-throated hummingbird migration map


Ruby-throated Hummingbird 1
By Matt Tillett (Flickr: Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, MD) CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Check out reports of ruby-throated hummingbird sightings move up from the southern states as the birds return from their winter migrations. You can add your own report, too, if you join the website.

Whimsical Bee Logo

Whimsical Bee Logo sign mockup

An online shop owner needed a logo for her new endeavor, starting with an etsy shop selling handmade cards, tags, and decor items. She wanted to include bee imagery, a fun but simple font, and a finished logo that, “you could imagine on a wooden sign hanging outside of a cute shop.”

Whimsical Bee logo roughs
Early pencil drafts of the Whimsical Bee logo.

I used a fun but readable script font above a bright, cheerful bumblebee and a half-wreath of colorful wildflowers.

Whimsical Bee logo

Throwback Thursday, Makey Makey

A peek in the archives at some of my older work.

Illustration project with 13labs for the Makey Makey Go instruction sheet.
Illustration project with 13labs for the Makey Makey Go instruction sheet.

A cute illustration I ‘inked’ in Adobe Illustrator. It shows how to use the Makey Makey Go, a little prototyping board for experimenting and inventing.